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What people are saying about GD Frost & Son:

“Garry is a real hands-on builder who knows what he's talking about. The great thing about Garry was that there were never any problems building our home. He would always explain why something would or wouldn't work and give you some options. He was always available and we had absolute confidence in him.”

- Kirsten McFaull


“When Pete and I decided to build a house we were concerned about the number of difficulties people had with builders and the whole building process. Thankfully, we choose Garry Frost and his team, who made the entire process stress free. As with any building project, we did have some unforeseen hiccups; however, we found Garry lessened the impact of any problem by keeping us informed of problems as they arose and openly discussed possible solutions.

Whenever we were required to talk to suppliers or subcontractors, we were impressed with the level of respect they had for Garry and his work. We only had to mention his name and everyone seemed to bend over backwards to make our request happen. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Garry, Mitch and all the team. They were always pleasant to deal with and showed the greatest respect for the property, it was sad to see them go at the end of the project.

We love our home and can't ever imagine leaving it, although if we did decide to build again there would be no question that Garry and Mitch would be our first choice of builder. They come with our highest recommendation.”

- Kirsten Fox


“Garry Frost & Son have built us a beautiful and much admired home. They were perfectionists. The neighbours were fascinated by watching them at work and getting every small detail just right. And we still remember the foreman installing the cedar shingles in the highest point of the house - he'd put some up, then climb all the way down, wander across the road, climb back up again, and put some more up. It turned out he needed to check his workmanship from across the road to make sure every shingle lined up perfectly.

Since we moved in we've recommended Garry Frost & Son to so many people, because not only are they great builders, but when little things went wrong, as they always do on a big job, Garry always had them put them right with a minimum of fuss.

Now what intrigues us most is the fact that so many people, including other tradesmen, continue to compliment us on the workmanship. It is great testament to the skills and dedication of Garry, his team and all the sub-contractors he chooses so carefully.”

- Tony and Christine Simons

“We undertook a major renovation of our home in 2002/03. GD Frost & Son were the builders for our project, which involved gutting and reconfiguring the existing floor space and adding a new storey comprising three additional bedrooms, an ensuite and a separate bathroom. We were thrilled with the results.

We found Garry and his team extremely good to work with. Their approach was very down to earth, practical and professional at all times. We were never presented with a problem without a solution to follow. The workmanship was of a very high standard which saw our home win a renovation award in the Master Builders Awards.

We would not hesitate to work with Garry and Mitch again in the future.”

- Rachaell Chris Robertson

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